Giovanni Menada was born in Reggio Emilia, Italy, in 1954.

As a child, he is intimate with nature, animals, as well as pencils, colors and history of art; in fact, in the twenties his mother attended Milan Brera’s School of Arts.

Giovanni is enrolled at boarding high schools first in Bologna, then in Verona.

In summer times, he is taken on board of carbon frighters from Russia as a deck boy.

In early seventies, he travels to London, Paris and New York.

He takes up the profession of painter performing his first oil paintings.

He graduates at School of Fine Arts in Rome in 1978, attending courses in sculpture, modelling clay and carving wood.

He works in Rome as a graphic printer, thus developing the engraving technique; there he lives in close contact with the sparkling cultural and artistic atmosphere of late seventies decade.

In Rome he also carries out Civil Service at General Segretary of WWF Italian headquarter.

He is involved in botanics studies as he designs and builds automatic watering systems for urban roofs.

He travels to Far East countries such as China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. He resides for long periods in Paris.

In early eighties, in laboratories settled in Cavriago, Reggio Emilia, he starts embossing iron and steel sculptures with techniques learned from blacksmiths skilled at working metal plates.

He sets up the first personal exhibitions in Reggio Emilia, Rome, Milan and collective ones in Ferrara, Bologna, Paris, Valencia, Nice, Graz.

In the nineties he focuses on art design, crafting pieces of furniture, developing fair-stalls in Bologna, Munich, Paris, Los Angeles and engineering fittings for thematic exhibitions in Rome; he is involved in industrial graphic and communication projects, he works on water and entertainment theme parks, he produces scenic designs.

By carving out tyres treads, combined with mirroring steel, he creates works inspired to puddles.

He is also inspired by his relentless care for gardens to develop a project regarding environmental requalification which focuses on breeding native butterflies: “Aurora, Butterfly’s Refilling” achieves resounding interest both in Italy and Europe.

By the end of the nineties, he starts the production of embossed and lost-wax casting jewellery.

Since 2000 he has been elaborating several concerts mixing images with music performed by pianist and composer Marcello Mazzoni. Giovanni starts playing piano, too.

In 2010 he performs the mood of a fish out of water, creating an iron and steel sculpture, five meters high; he also works on the subject of broths and soups, creating sculptures of embossed pans.

He designs and manufactures the capocielo of Reggio Emilia’s Dome, a canopy over the crypt high altar recalling the breath of wind of Holy Spirit.

After studies concerning physiognomy, he depicts hundreds of imaginary people in watercolors portraits.

In 2014 he sets up an exhibition about weapons, sculpting a small lead arsenal hung out to dry like laundry.

He currently lives and works in Reggio Emilia and Casalini, Brindisi, Italy.


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